Privacy Statement / Security Policy

Your privacy is important to us. If you provide identifying information to us we will protect it from unauthorized disclosure and only use it as set out in this statement.

Why do we collect personal information?
Schneider Electric collects personal information to help deliver superior levels of service, and to allow Schneider Electric to provide you with:

What information do we collect?
Schneider Electric only collects information that is provided voluntarily by our customers and site users. There are a number of situations where we may ask you for personal information. For example, applying for a user account, completing a survey, purchasing a product, speaking to customer support or registering for an event. In these instances, we may ask you for personal information that is relevant to the situation.

Schneider Electric also records and analyses information relating to usage of our site, such as number of visits to a page, and uses this data to enhance the materials available on our site. However, our site logs do not identify individual users.

If you follow the registration sequence, your contact details will be collected and stored within your account. We may use these details to inform you of changes relating to your account and updates to the web site. If you wish to remove yourself from a Schneider Electric email list or newsletter subscription list, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in the email that you receive or by replying to the email with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Any material that you choose to post to a public area of our site, such as a discussion forum or an email list, will be visible to third parties and is consequently not capable of being protected. Schneider Electric is not responsible for the consequences of your decision to post any personally identifiable information in these forums.

Disclosure of information
Schneider Electric understands that your privacy is important. We do not disclose, sell, rent or otherwise distribute your contact information outside the Schneider Electric group of companies.

If you submit identifying data to us, we may transfer and store that information in countries in which Schneider Electric maintains offices; however we will ensure that this data will be treated in accordance with Schneider Electric's privacy policy.

Schneider Electric will not share or disclose identifying information except in the following cases:

We will not be required to notify you of any disclosure of identifying information made in compliance with the law.

Access and updating
You may access and update some of your personal information via our site. You may also contact us at any time and request corrections, if you believe the information is inaccurate or incomplete. We may keep this information in an off-line form, for archival purposes or as otherwise required by law. Please note that if your information is removed from our databases, you may no longer be able to access certain parts of our web site that require registration.

Storage and security
Schneider Electric will make reasonable efforts to use the latest security technologies to ensure that the information its users provide is secure. However, Schneider Electric would like to remind its users that the Internet is not a secure environment and we strongly encourage each user to keep their login names and passwords secret and to change passwords if they believe that they have become compromised. We also recommend that our users communicate over secure channels wherever possible, disable the automatic login features found in some browsers, and empty their browser caches regularly.

Cookies and other issues
Schneider Electric uses cookies and other technologies to analyze trends and visiting patterns on our site. This information does not identify individual users, but does allow us to enhance and improve your online experience.

Certain links on our site will take you to web pages operated by third parties. Schneider Electric will accept no responsibility for the security of any information you enter on third party sites, or for any cookies that your browser accepts while on third parties' sites. You should examine and satisfy yourself with the terms of service and privacy policies of third party web pages, to which you link from the Schneider Electric site.

Further information
We constantly update the features of our site to better serve our customers, so Schneider Electric may modify this privacy policy without advance notice and any modifications will be effective from the date when they are posted here. By using our site, you confirm that you understand and accept the terms of the privacy policy posted at the time of your use.

To contact us about other non-privacy related issues please go to the contact us page.