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The Service Pack 1 over PlantStruxure PES V4.3 brings some functional improvements and includes a set of fixes, contributing to increase the quality of the product export and import user interface is enhanced for a better understanding of the default selected items for control and supervision projects.

Change in the behavior of generation of control program: rollback management when an import error in the control participant is detected: it doesn’t rollback the previously generated sections and the next generation process continues from the section that raised the error.

The name “PLC” is replaced with “Controller” in the menus of the control participant.

Removal of dependency of the major version during the installation of a Service Pack: Installing Service Pack 1 does not require access to the installation package of the major version (V4.3) anymore.

New tab in the About box menu of the engineering client. This tab provides information about the PES website, support contact details and the links to access to the log files required for diagnostics.

PES V4.3 Service Pack 1 is available for download from the PES Support Web site to all registered users.

PES V4.3 release brings the following new features and improvement:

Support of Ladder Logic 984 (LL984) language in the refinement mode of system engineering life cycle: You can now use this language in Control projects created with Process Expert post of enabling the LL984 setting in the refinement mode.

Controller data management: This new functionality lets you save data of control projects deployed to a controller or simulator to a file, deploy it, and manage the corresponding controller data backup files. If the Control project is password protected, then backup and restore data requires password.

Password protection for deployed Control projects: This new functionality lets you set, change, and clear a password for Control projects deployed to a controller or simulator.

Securing the Ethernet port used by the simulator: Lets you start the simulator with a password-protected Control project file to reduce the vulnerability of the Ethernet port of the computer against cyber-attack.

Application Browser pane: A new pane in the Application Explorer that lets you organize, create, manage, and search application folders and instances. In addition, the usability of search fields, filter menus, and various browsers has been improved. The column widths and selections are persisted

Context-sensitive help: You can now open contextual online help for User Interface elements, tasks, control module templates of the General-Purpose library (GPL) and application templates of the Foundation library (FL).

Opening user-generated context-sensitive help: You can associate your own online help files in CHM format to Schneider Electric Global Templates or to user-created templates. The associated help file opens when you use the context-sensitive help button

Communication of M580 controller with Ethernet IP I/O devices: You can now configure in the

Topology Explorer I/O devices that communicate by using Ethernet IP through explicit messaging

Virtualisation support Use of PES V4.3 in virtual environment.  


Updated General Purpose Library in this release:

New topological I/O device templates

  • $EIPMPMESWTHW: X80 SCAIME weighing module communicating by using Ethernet IP.
  • $EIPGenericDeviceHW: Generic topological template for I/O devices communicating by using Ethernet IP.

New Ethernet IP communication templates to manage explicit messaging

  • $EIPMPortM: Modicon M580 Ethernet IP port template, which manages serialized requests.
  • $EIPMClient: Single request Ethernet IP client template.

New batch phase manager template

  • $IBPhase: Lets you monitor and manage batch phases from PES and with InBatch system. 

The Service Pack 2 over PlantStruxure PES V4.2 brings new features and improvements


PES manages all program sections, including those that are not issued from the object instantiation

- Edition of the section order for FBD and non FBD sections from PES

- Add a new section before an existing section

- Capability to select non FBD sections for Export /Import


Better management of version conflicts of DFB/DDT types

- View the instances that encapsulate a type, which creates a version conflict in the same section

- Select the Update or Skip action for individual types when several types create a version


Installing Participant extensions:

- Manual and silent modes are now available to install extensions (for example, DTMs) by using a batch file (.bat). 

Improvements of existing features; Refer to the release notes embedded in the delivery


The Service Pack 2 includes the content of Service Pack 1 and hot fixes released after the delivery of SP1

PES V4.2 Service Pack 2 is available for download from the PES Support Web site to all registered users. 

The Service Pack 1 over PlantStruxure PES V4.2 brings new features and improvements 

System backup and restore to transport easily an Application   

Improvements to be more productive in Engineering and Commissioning:

- Concurrent engineering activities (Control / Supervision) related to the same object instance

- Simplified update of types (DFBs & DDTs) used in Object Templates

- Possibility to abort long operations

- Application tree view in refine online and offline for a faster navigation inside the logic (sections)

- Deployment of  Supervision project to the station nodes from the Topology Manager

PES V4.2 Service Pack 1 is available for download from the PES Support Web site to all registered users. 

PES V4.2 is available

Warning, please read the following before downloading


Use this link to download the full procedure

Use this link to download Hotfix PES_V4.2_RTM_24758



Use this link to download the full procedure


PES V4.2 is available for download from the PES Support Web site to all registered users. Please refer to the release notes for a full description included changes.

Here is the link to download the .iso images:

PES v4.2 32-bit and 64-bit iso images