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EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS2018 release R2

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     EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS 2018 for General purpose library Hotfix RTM_51332

          Issue : 50943 : HDCS 2018- General Purpose Libraray - SGC_Include - Standby Server Trend status does not update.

     EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS - MMM Library 2018 Hotfix RTM_51101

          Issue: # 50613: HDCS- 2018- MMM Library- PIDB- Manual mode Manual SP not moved to MV

     EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS MMM Library 2018 Hotfix RTM_46321

          Issue1: # 47516 MMM_Tools Operator Events and Bypass List is only available for one day

          Issue2: # 49579 MMM Tools Bypass List is not working in Multi-Language in specific use case



     EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS 2018 R2 Release Notes Platform

     EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS Virtualization Application Note eng EIO0000003796 00

     User guides & manuals updated


PES V4.3

     PES 4.3 SP1 RTM_Hotfix 51989

          This hotfix resolves the issue related to StandbyWrite for IODevices in Supervision Project Configuration


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