EcoStruxure Process Expert Support Portal

Schneider Electric Industry Business - Digital Plant Line of Business is happy to announce you the availability of the new version of EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS.
Please find below detailed information about the new features:

New process automation library based on Situational Awareness:

  • Situational awareness increases the operational efficiency and contributes to run the plant at the peak performance, by helping operators to detect abnormal situation before alarms occur and reducing the time to overcome abnormal situation.

Object instantiation is improved to ease the engineering of the application.

  • Export and Import of folders, instances and application interface links in comma-separated (CSV) file format can be possible.
  • The notification pane logs the changes in the application and the detected issues during import.
  • The Links Editor embeds new services such as Radar View, the simplified view, moving links to a different destination interface, and the possibility to drag several instances to the workspace and position them.
  • The instance validity and progress indicators give you an indication of the steps that remain to complete the instantiation and assignment stages. Write-lock indicators let you see which instances are being used or modified by other processes or users.

New Project Explorer User Interface that maximizes to navigation and edition

  • Separate tree views for Control and Supervision projects, with a multi-tabs workspace area for edition
  • The Last Action Summary command lets you see which is the last action that was performed and its result
  • Validity and progress indicators help designers to complete the system engineering life cycle till deployment stage.


Extended services to assign objects instances to projects

  • For Control projects, a powerful editor lets you create your own section names and define assignment strategies for assigning the facets in bulk. You can preview the assignments before proceeding.
  • You can perform actions on several containers at once in the Assignment Editor.

Bulk hardware mapping

  • The functionality to export and import hardware mappings have been enhanced and integrated into the Hardware Mapping Editor making it easy-to-use. The comma-separated (CSV) file from export can be edited to create or modify mappings.
  • The Unmap command now lets you delete all or a selection of hardware mappings.


Improved Global Template Management to customize or design an object template

  • The new Duplicate command lets you create a copy of a template with identical and/or different child templates without having to edit it.
  • You cannot update, modify, duplicate or save templates whose identifier contains the $ prefix and keep using this prefix. The use of $ prefix is reserved for global templates that are created by Schneider Electric.
  • The Composite Editor and Facet Editor feature has several improvements, which increase productivity and ease of use
  • In general, the global template editor is improved for better engineering with below features
    • Undo and redo commands
    • Radar view
    • Simplified view to get the template structure at a glance
    • Improved binding management with graphical links and connectors
    • $FullNameproperties to link template elements easier


Extension of the architectures with new modules and services

  • The Profibus master module PMEPXM0100 is configured through the Topological Manager. The configuration of the field bus and the devices is required through a separate software (ProSoft Configurator for Modicon).
  • Support of new digital modules
  • You can configure the DHCP service for Ethernet modules into the topology explorer.


Miscellaneous enhancements

  • A new command lets you create a blank database at any point in time.
  • The Processor Count parameter is added to the Virtual Machine section of the configuration wizard to adjust the performance of VM-related operations depending on the computer specifications.
  • The generation process of a Control project doesn’t abort when a section cannot be generated (overcrowded size).
  • A button to view asset-related information in the Operation client is now available in the faceplate of genies. It avoids the need for a keyboard when using runtime navigation services. The button is readily available only for new GPL templates of libraries that support it and can be added manually to user-designed templates


Schneider Electric Software Update (SESU) is installed as part of EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS software Installation

  • This tool eases the management of software updates. This will be the new way of delivering hotfixes and new version release updates of EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS.


Extension of the Foundation Library with new templates

  • A set of Foundation Templates are delivered to extend the capability to design objects
    • Equipment element: Flexibility in defining the required equipment name with all other properties of an equipment to achieve the Situational Awareness capabilities of Citect Scada 2018.
    • Calculated Variable Tag element: It generates a tag value at runtime that is the result of a Cicode expression or a Cicode function.
    • Variable Disk Tag element: Templatize & generate the variable disk tag so that user can get the benefit of using a Disk IO device.
    • Equipment Parameter element: Equipment Parameters element enables to define other complementary information which will help the next generation of Libraries during Runtime and benefit from such new capabilities of Citect Scada
    • Equipment Group of Messages element: Is a set of runtime parameter entries which can accommodate up to 8 messages per group.
    • ItemName property in elements of Supervision data facets: the property is used by Supervision resources with the equipment name to reference controller data, which can be used as a reference for animation and other purposes.


General Purpose Library (GPL) 

  • EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS 2019 includes the General-Purpose Library “Classic” and the new General Purpose Library (Situational Awareness).